This is from a young man we worked with to find and integrate his Core Purpose.  Cory is not a believer…yet.     But after our time together, he is thinking about the idea that how he IS, is not an accident…..:)

“God’s Work in Progress” wants to help you do great work with great faith.  In this way you work within God’s plan for your life and for the fallen world. Here is a note from Cory-

“Jeff Pelletier has been extremely helpful in my pursuit of finding the career that fulfills my personal purpose in life; Jeff helped me find me, and after knowing more about me I could find something better suited for me.  Jeff had the confidence in me which sparked my creativity and motivated me to find the ideal career. 

 With the unlimited email support and the three in person sessions; This has  helped me greatly over the last few months and I’m happy to say I’ve found a great new career that makes me feel happy.  Thank you Jeff!”

When you give you fund our work with Core Purpose–which we want to make FREE to the world.  Will you help?