The equation in the title is what we call your Effectiveness Equation=  Competence multiplied by Passion.
Your Core Competence is a Cognitive Skill, that resides between your ears.  We all possess many of the them, but ONE them is dominant. THAT one is your core Competence, natural, default, easy cognitive skill that is always operating. Your Core Competence is  hard wired into your mind
Your Core Passion is a concern that is not negotiable. It is am ideal or value that you express as an OUTCOME and you want the world to have it and you are very upset when it is missing in almost any situation in life. From marriage to work, to politics, to religion this primal concern has been placed in you by God and it always on your radar.

Your full and satisfying life comes when you apply what you are really great at, TOWARDS what you really car about.  CC X  CP = FSL.

It is not a job, not a calling and not an mission. It is an eternal use of your life.

  BOTH are given by God,  and required for your most effective life.
Here are two videos:
This video is about someone who has passion, but obviously lacks competence.
Then watch the other video- which shows someone who is BOTH highly competent and passionate.  The difference is astounding no?
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