Let me warn you about something.  danger will

Your Life’s Core Purpose ™ is NOT a fix-all answer (aka panacea) for your life.  In fact if you are struggling with feeling secure for example, it can actually be a negative. Let’s say we help someone discover that their core purpose in life is to “visualize positive outcomes”.  So in this example the person has the Core Competence to  understand events visually. They have a clear picture of the way things are progressing. They also have a strong Core Passion  for positive outcomes (this is much too general but will suffice for this discussion).   If this person is struggling with their own sense of value and worth it will tend to corrupt this purpose and its use in life.  It can cause some things like:

These are NOT kingdom uses of one’s  Life’s Core Purpose ™, but nonetheless their Life’s Core Purpose is in use.  Please notice where the effect of the corruption is.  NOT on the competence side….but on the passion side.  When a person is insecure the Adversary will use this primary “concern” that God has given them,  which we call their Core Passion, and he will twist it and exploit it for them to do things that cause harm to themselves and others, without them even realizing it. (This is known as deception)   So if a person is insecure and the Adversary exploits that, the person will actually think they are acting in a righteous way to “protect” themselves or their family.  Makes sense?

In our seminars we show this graphic-

Full and Satisfying Life

Notice the three parts of the full and satisfying life that Jesus came to provide?  (John 10:10)

First take note of WHO is at the Center.  If Jesus is at the center of everything you do, you will not go wrong.  This is no guarantee of your circumstances, but you will NOT go wrong. Now notice that that there are three parts to the full and satisfying life that Jesus promises us.

Life’s Core Purpose ™ is one third of what it takes.

Working in concert with your Life’s Core Purpose ™ are your Spiritual Gifts– God’s tool box to help you to use your purpose to edify and build up the world and the Kingdom, that is the joint intent of these two working together.

But the FRUIT of the Spirit is the key and is at the top for a reason.  If you remember the person we started this post with.  A person who is insecure can use their purpose and gifts for their own gain or protection. But if that person “Walks with the Spirit”, (Gal 5), they will become (that is, come to be – its a process) FREE of the corruption that Satan can use to subvert their life. Apart from God we sow into a life that Gal 5 describes well as the sins of the flesh. But if we devote our lives to the Spirit and “keep in step with the Spirit”, we produce a life’s outcome that covers everything from Love to Self Control.   Read the text here

If that is not a full satisfying life I don’t know anything.  But the three work together- Purpose, Gifts and Fruit.  And if you employ them all with Jesus at the center, you will be doing your part in God’s plan… and you will have full and satisfying life.

THAT’s  “Gods Work in Progress”