Last time I gave you some insight into how Life’s Core Purpose affects your career. The New Year will bring many opportunities to impact the world around you with your Life’s Core Purpose.

These two powerful words are the key to having a full and satisfying life. Purpose is all about DOING WHAT YOU’RE GREAT AT, POINTED AT WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT. That is where the “meaning” is, that is where the IMPACT is.

Core Competence and Core Passion = Life’s Core Purpose

Core Competence – this single word is the basis for the WORK you do. Your Core Competence should be the primary word you find in a job search you do. When you find jobs, where your Core Competence is in play, you will walk into that interview being able to PROVE you can do the job. (More on this when we talk about interviewing.) Really focus on the job description when you research on or other search engines. Look for jobs where your Core Competence is high up in the Job’s Purpose or Job Responsibilities.

Core Passion – this single word is the OUTCOME you want the world around you to have. It is the ideal or core value that drives you. When you find JOBS that satisfy your Core Competence that is when the real work starts. Now you want to match your PASSION to an organization that AGREES with you!

TIP #1: Look at the company website or LinkedIn page that has a job you like and look for your CORE PASSION in the organization’s Core Values or Vision statement. If your Core Passion is there, dig deeper. If not MOVE ON.

Don’t sacrifice passion because you like the job. Passion DRIVES you. If you don’t fulfill your Core Passion you will not have the JOY it is designed to give you.

TIP #2: I suggest doing a Google search with the company’s NAME in the NEWS category on Google. This will bring up independent news stories about the company. READ THEM. Avoid their press releases.

TIP #3: Use your LINKEDIN contacts, customers and employees of the company you’re researching, to verify that your Core Passion really is present and pursued in the organization you’re looking at.

Once you find the right culture for you, you want to pursue working there- EVEN IF NO JOB OPENING CURRENTLY EXISTS.