Your Life’s Purpose= Excellence¬†

Jesus was a carpenter for all but three years of his adult life. His Life’s Purpose is to build a church that will seek and save the lost. Those years making excellent structures and furniture were also an expression of his purpose. His focus was on building. When he established his ministry his previousl life was in full view. God doesn’t waste anything.

He was NAILED to a piece of wood.

He is at work even today- BUILDING his Church– (Matt 16)

He calls Apostles, Evangelists, Prophets,Pastors and Teachers, to prepare God’s people (you and I), for the work of service as his BODY, and we ultimately “build one another up in Love” Eph 4:16.

He gives us gifts for the purpose of “building” one another and the church– 1 Cor 14–

So you see, living your purpose never ends- it is eternal.