We are setting a goal to “intentionalize the world” .  We are as we write this, working to convert our paper purpose tool, which has been in beta stage for two years, into an interactive “cloud” program that will give you clarity about your life and how you should live it.

The two components of your “Life’sWork”, which is the way you bring value to life and live your most effective life, are:

Core Competence


Core Passion.

Understanding these two at the CORE level is the key to finding and living out your Life’s Work.   Once you find these two core components, you have determined how you were created and what you were created FOR.  You have only to apply this Core Competence, TO your Core Passion.  That is all that is required.  That and devotion to God to guide your steps and walk out his plan for its use.


Thanks for advancing God’s Work in Progress