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A Life’s Purpose Testimony by: Mitch Bossart Mitch

I have known Jeff for a couple of years now, first meeting as the result of a networking contact.

Initially, we agreed that a “mind share” made our meetings a mutually beneficial consulting gig: Jeff consulted with me regarding faith and work, and I consulted with Jeff regarding sales and marketing ideas for his ministry.

If you know Jeff, you already understand that our meetings were always fun and interesting.

Jeff’s breadth of knowledge alone regarding business and what makes people and companies successful qualify him as an expert on work-related issues. His understanding of the Bible plus his love of Jesus make him a missionary—but he is ultimately a man on a mission.

My most recent meeting with Jeff brought me to a crystal clear understanding of my Core Purpose. It was so startling to me—and powerful— that I was reduced to tears, right there at Caribou Coffee.

Jeff’s talent at uncovering one’s Core Purpose is unmatched: within 90 minutes, we nailed it.

I have taken personality and aptitude tests from Myers-Briggs to Strengths Finder and NOTHING matches what I learned that day with Jeff.

And it was simple. Heck, it was fun getting there.

If you do not know your Life’s Core Purpose, then you click below ASAP. If you pastor a church, your entire staff should learn how to uncover their Core Purpose.

Because what else is there?

Once you clearly understand how God has wired your head and your heart, you have a direct pathway that energizes you.

Can you imagine a workforce of millions of people,  energized daily by fulfilling their Core Purpose?

Mitch Bosshart, President  Mitch

Bold Communication LLC