Explaining Fulfillment

I just wanted to thank you for coming in to do this with the team here. I’ve had some amazing coaching sessions since! It’s been fun to either see that people are exactly where they are created for or watch the light come one in their lives as they begin to find that unique purpose! One amazing story was of one of our interns who is currently helping with our ministries in the prisons. She had to preach that Tuesday you came in and was debating on skipping the training to focus on her message because she wasn’t confident in it. After discovering her passion, she not only completed her message but realized what the message was that she was trying to communicate, allowing her to communicate clearly and watch God move because of it! The discovery of her purpose not only invigorated her, but impacted hundreds at the Shakopee Women’s Prison that night! It’s been so fulfilling to me as a leader to be able to guide people into exactly what God created them for. Thanks again for making time to invest in my team!

Brandon Liebe Pastor River Valley Church, Apple Valley, MN Campus